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This mobile application was developed to encourages the users of university age to follow health data such as cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, move more and eat healthier. Thus, it is aimed to minimize the risk of heart disease or high blood pressure, and to direct the students in the high-risk group to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.


In this study, a mobile application has been developed for use on Kalp sağlığı izleme sistemleri and iOS platforms. The app includes features such as step counts, exercise addition and listing, a healthy feed and monitoring current health status.

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Within the scope of the thesis are explained, preparation of IONIC infrastructure, devices selected for this infrastructure, operating systems and the reasons for these selections. Also, there are explained installation and usage of the One Signal notification system used in the application and finally the installation of an application to the AppStore and PlayStore stores are explained.

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System Usability Scale SUS was applied with a group of twenty students to evaluate user experiences during the testing phase of the developed mobile application. The results of this scale were also evaluated within the scope of the thesis. UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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